Red-headed Trula Twyst holds up a knife in a bedroom with stuffed animals and blood splatter. Art by Laura Braga from the main cover of Truth or Dare.

Will You Play With Us?

This July, things are about to heat up at Riverdale High.
When Trula Twyst, a unique girl with a flair for behavioral psychology, moves to town, she sets her sights on dismantling Riverdale High and its hierarchy from within.  From writer Ron Robbins and artist Laura Braga, Truth or Dare is a psychological thriller that's equal parts Girl, Interrupted and Cruel Intentions, with a dash of Saw
Main cover art for Truth or Dare by Laura Braga. Trula Twyst is brandishing a bloody knife in a bedroom with stuffed animals and blood splatter behind her.
Main cover by Laura Braga

“At its core, Truth or Dare is a horror story about a teenager not just desperate to fit in, but to be the queen bee. Trula has her fair share of trauma to back up that damaged mentality. It’s up to our gang to make sure that nobody gets hurt, and that Trula gets the help she needs, but just like in real life, things can take an unexpected turn,” says writer Robbins. Read more about this one-shot, on sale July 17th, over at Smash Pages 

Variant cover art for Truth or Dare by Suspiria Vilchez. A close up of Trula Twyst in orange with Jughead, Ethel, and others behind her in blue.
Variant cover by Suspiria Vilchez

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