Michael Myers Comes to Riverdale

Michael Myers Comes to Riverdale

Friday the 13th is a wonderful day.

A Friday the 13th in October? Now that's just to die for. 

Archie Horror is celebrating this special day with a rare treat: we've recently unearthed a VERY LIMITED number of copies of the two gorgeous ARCHIE HORROR X HALLOWEEN art prints by artist Matt Talbot, previously only available at the H45 convention earlier this month in Pasadena, CA.

If you couldn't make it to the convention, you now can get your hands on one of the few remaining 11" x 17" pieces, including "Hedge Heroines":

Michael Myers behind a hedge, stalking Sabrina, Betty, and Veronica.Archie Horror collides with the iconic slasher Michael Myers in this homage to the classic scene in the 1978 classic Halloween. Betty, Veronica, and Sabrina invoke Annie, Laurie, and Lynda walking home with The Shape lurking close behind!


And "Shape Stalks Sabrina":

Sabrina is looking at her phone on the couch, while Sabrina notices Michael Myers staring at her from the window

Sabrina is enjoying the perks of being a multitasking witch, but Salem has noticed an unwanted visitor at the window in the form of The Shape!


Can't decide which to buy? Get them both, we don't mind!

You can view the prints here.

Looking for more horrific gifts? Check out our Archie Horror Scare Package. Want to know more about the eerie face on Sabrina's television? Catch up with all of Madam Satan's adventures in Archie Horror Presents... Chilling Adventures and Madam Satan: Hell on Earth

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