Betty and Veronica are holding up mistletoe and kissing a skeletal Archie.

Happy Horror Days!

While Halloween may be a holiday more synonymous with "horror," that doesn't mean it's the only holiday that can be terrifying... Christmas, for example, can be just as bone-chilling (and not just because of the cold weather!)

Instead of cuddling up with a hot cocoa and a read-through 'Twas The Night Before Christmas, consider cozying up with a good horror book instead. Take, for example, last year's Archie Horror holiday offering, Happy Horror Days! This titled featured the return of Werejug, a giant Icelandic yulecat, and some evil elves on shelves--what more could you want out of a festive frightfest? 

 Page from "Happy Horror Days" featuring Jughead as a werewolf battling Krampus. Art by Joe Eisma and Matt Herms.

 WereJug vs. Krampus is the mash-up you didn't know you needed. Script by Frank Tieri, art by Joe Eisma.

Page from "Happy Horror Days," Sheila Wu befriends a giant Icelandic yule cat. Art by Butch Mapa.

Say what you will, but I think Sheila Wu's new kitty friend is actually pretty adorable. Story by Joanne Starer, art by Butch Mapa. 

Page from "Happy Horror Days," Jingles the Elf sits on a shelf watching Reggie's interactions with a young woman he's met and her family.

Jingles the Elf was the Elf on the Shelf before there was an Elf on the Shelf... and he's just as creepy, too. Story by Joe Corallo, art by Patrick Piazzalunga.


While this title is sold out, you can read all three stories in the Archie Horror Presents... Chiling Adventures collection. For more of Jughead's lupine adventures, be sure to also check out all three volumes of Jughead: the Hunger.

Nothing screams "holidays" like excessive consumption, especially of toys. Fear the Funhouse Presents: Toybox of Terror serves up just that, and you can still pick up a copy right here (learn more about in this excellent interview with the creators over at Women Write About Comics). Go ahead and grab a great last minute gift for the horror lover in your life with one of these gorgeous Archie X Halloween art prints from Matt Talbot. And why not also cozy up with a Happy Horror Days sweatshirt? Perfect for winter!  

Happy Horror Days, from all of us at Archie Horror, to you and yours! 

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