ICYMI: Archie Horror Round-Up 10/6

ICYMI: Archie Horror Round-Up 10/6

While Archie Horror was busy at the H45: 45 Years of Terror convention in Pasadena this weekend, the news train kept a-rollin'. Here's a quick recap of what you might have missed. 


The Michael Myers x Archie Comics prints by artist Matt Talbot for the H45 convention were the talk of the horror community last week. And the crowds and fans turned out in spades to show their support for the Halloween franchise and the Archie collaboration. We couldn't be more honored to have been a part of the event. Thanks to every one who stopped by the booth, bought prints or books, or just shared kind words. 

Michael Myers from Halloween stalking Sabrina, Betty, and Veronica from behind a hedge.Sabrina using magic on her couch, watching Madam Satan on her TV, while Sabrina notices Michael Myers lurking outside her window.


Coverage of the print collaboration can be found on Collider, Movie Web, Newsarama, Screen Rant, and Halloween Daily News.
Main cover of Madam Satan: Hell on Earth by Vincenzo Federici

Madam Satan

Madam Satan: Hell on Earth released in comic shops on 9/20, and there was plenty of coverage of the terror queen's journey on Earth, including a look at the power of the antihero in Senior Director of Editorial Jamie Rotante's monthly article on Daily Dead

Archie's House of Horror Daily Dead banner featuring the imagery from Soo Lee's Madam Satan: Hell on Earth variant cover.

The title also received acclaim. Comic Book Club reviewed, saying, “This book is horrifying. It’s got a wild continuity that it’s dealing with, but it still makes me want to keep reading."

Likewise, ComicBook.com said, "If you are looking for a creep-tastic read this October, Archie is prepping the perfect series for you."


 Main cover by Butch Mapa for Strange Science, featuring Danni Malloy, Jinx Holliday, and Dilton Doiley amid various items depicting time travel and the dissolution of timelines.

Strange Science

Strange Science was released way back on 8/16, but this poignant title is still generating important discussions and receiving critical acclaim. 

Bloody Disgusting ran a great interview with writer Magdalene Visaggio. They also had this to say about the comic: "STRANGE SCIENCE is a thoughtful meditation on personal grief and fears that left me thinking long after I put the comic down."

AiPT ran an exclusive "monster design" feature with artist Butch Mapa. In their review portion they said, "Visaggio, along with line artist Butch Mapa and colorist Ellie Wright, creates an immersive world that allows the story to really shine through."

Butch Mapa's "Echo" monster designs for Strange Science.

 And Women Write About Comics said its "a delight to read that deserves to be savored."



That's all... for now. But there's still time to preorder our upcoming Month of Mayhem titles, including Welcome to Riverdale and Fear the Funhouse Presents: Toybox of Terror. And catch up on some of the Archie Horror tales you may have missed with the Archie Horror Presents... Chilling Adventures collection. 


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