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ICYMI: Archie Horror Round-Up 11/8

Welcome back, fearless mortals! We do hope you've recovered from all the spooky season festivities. If you've survived, congratulations on being here for another day of horror. If not, I hope you're enjoying this from the astral plane. 
In the reverie of the holiday, Archie Horror was appropriately a-buzz with news and reviews. Here's a round-up of a few notable items you may have missed: 

Pop Culture Squad featured the title on their list of new #1s had this to say: "I am addicted to the Chilling Adventures books and excited to see this creative team take a swing at it." And that's not all! Comics Beat reviewed the title, saying: "This issue did a good job of incorporating characters from across the Archie-verse, from the famous to the obscure – I always find it rewarding to have The Archie Encyclopedia close at hand while I’m reading." And Freak Sugar had the following kind words to share: "Feels like a Twilight Zone episode in comic form, which is incredibly high praise. I’m anxious to read more from this team, whether it be horror or otherwise."


Page 13 from the "Welcome to Riverdale" one-shot comic. Teen witch Amber Nightstone is talking from a mirror to Ginger Snapp, Carla Teal, and the Mayor of Riverdale in an abandoned warehouse.


Our second Month of Mayhem title also garnered some nice press, including a 5-star review from that said: "If you like classic horror twists, this anthology is for you." Comics Beat's kind review said: "Strikes the perfect note between trick and treat, making it the perfect Halloweentime release for Archie Horror. Strongly recommended!" And, finally, Women Write About Comics had this to say: "This is a very EC Comics-forward issue that reaches a perfect, Twilight-Zoneish conclusion. Highly recommended."

Panel from the "Toybox of Terror" anthology comic. Evelyn Evernever is absorbing evil powers from an unnamed source and is levitating amidst a flurry of pink and red


The biggest news item was this illuminating piece on Forbes about how Archie Horror is redefining scary storytelling in comics, in a conversation between Forbes Senior Contributor Goldie Chan and Archie's Senior Director of Editorial Jamie L. Rotante. 

A panel from the "Chilling Adventures in Sorcery" one-shot comic. Jughead is angrily eating a burger and yelling at Pop Tate that he's not done yet. 

That's the round-up for this time. While our Month of Mayhem titles may be sold out in many comic shops, we still have a limited number of copies of Welcome to Riverdale and Toybox of Terror available right here at And catch up on many of the titles featured in the Forbes article with the Archie Horror Presents... Chilling Adventures graphic novel collection. 


'til next time. Keep the spirit of Halloween alive forever. 

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