The Dark World of Archie Horror Awaits You

The Dark World of Archie Horror Awaits You

Welcome, new and returning fans, to the deep, dark world of Archie Horror. If you're new here, we've got plenty of horrific stories and terrifying tales of which you can immerse yourselves.

If you're not sure where to begin, fear not. Noted horror culture website Bloody Disgusting has a guide on the six titles you should check out to introduce you to Archie's horror world.

Once you've learned more about the Archie Horror line, get ready to dive in. We've got copies of the first volume of Vampironica and Blossoms 666 available. Be sure to also check out the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina collection, which spawned the mega-hit Netflix series of the same name. Follow-up with Madam Satan's hellish antics in Madam Satan: Hell on Earth, on sale now. And catch up on the first seven horror one-shots in the recently-released Archie Horror Presents... Chilling Adventures collection.

And remember, our one-shots always move quickly, so it's your best bet to preorder so you don't miss an issue. Our upcoming titles available for preorder now are Welcome to Riverdale and Fear the Funhouse Presents: Toybox of Terrorboth on sale in October.

Overwhelmed with options? Don't lose too much sleep... leave it up to the fates and order an Archie Horror Scare Package for yourself or a friend. You never know what you might find inside...

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