Kardak the Mystic cover art by Butch Mapa featuring magician Kardak against a green background surrounded by glowing hands

You Won't Believe Your Eyes

This August, magic is more than just an illusion in the brand new one-shot KARDAK THE MYSTIC, from writer Joe Corallo (Jinx: Grim Fairy, Tales, Happy Horror Daysand artist Butch Mapa (Happy Horror Days, Strange Science). 

Kardak, a character from deep within Archie lore, follows the story of sorcerer John Cardy as he goes to battle against those who use their magic talents for evil, especially the sinister magicians the Master Brahmins. His powers include hypnosis and invisibility, and he travels with his faithful servant Balthar. Kardak’s only weakness is his love for his fiance Lorna.

In this updated version, John Cardy is a magician looking for fame. When he comes across a (unbeknownst to him) cursed ruby. This ruby grants John the power of invisibility. As Kardak the Mystic, he performs feats no one else can with this magic. Unfortunately for him, going invisible isn't just a trick of the eyes, but rather entering another realm parallel to our own. And something inside that realm wants to use Kardak to enter our world for dark purposes.

PopVerse has the full scoop on this upcoming title, with thoughts from the creative team. 


Kardak the Mystic cover art by Butch Mapa featuring magician Kardak against a green background surrounded by glowing hands
KARDAK THE MYSTIC Main Cover art by Butch Mapa

"Getting to revisit the character of Kardak, who I had the opportunity to touch on in a short for Jinx's Grim Fairy Tales, has been an absolute thrill!” says writer Joe Corallo. “Combining classic elements from his Golden Age Top-Notch appearances such as featuring his fiancé Lorna along with a fresh, updated look and perspective on these characters will excite both longtime and newcomer Archie fans alike!"

Kardak the Mystic variant cover art by Skyler Patridge featuring magician Kardak levitating a woman
KARDAK THE MYSTIC Variant Cover by Skylar Patridge

“Kardak the Mystic was there at the dawn of the Golden Age of comics, predating even Archie and the Riverdale crew. It's an honor to be able to bring the character back into the spotlight, and to redefine the character for a modern audience,” adds artist Butch Mapa. 

KARDAK THE MYSTIC is on sale August 14. You can pre-order this one-shot at your local comic shop, or right here on the Archie Comics store

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